Edberliza Sanchez Khan also known as Sumayya Amaan Khan (Arabic Name) is a pure Filipino. She usually goes by her pen-name “Bhey” or “Sumayya”.

She loves composing English and Filipino Poems. Her passion into composing Poems started at a very young age, at the age of 11. Creating Poems is her way of diversion of her life struggles. This passion of her plays a big part in her life until now. She never stopped on creating inspirational poems that are usually base on what she currently feels or sometimes base on her friends’ experiences.

Naiah and Edberliza have known each other for almost a lifetime now. They are best friends since elementary. Both are passionate on their own field of writing and decided to collaborate. They have lots of things in common and writing is just one of them. They actually write with all their mind, heart and soul. Writing plays an important part in their friendship because through it, they can easily understand what each other is going through. Truly, writing is their ultimate friendship goals!