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TOTGA? Yes, for Millennials it stands for “The One That Got Away”. Do you have someone who got away? Or are you the one who got away?

Romantic people believe that once in your life time you will have this one who got away. That once upon a time he/she was your everything. That long time ago, you started making plans for your future with this someone. That during those moments he/she was your happiness, your life. (Funny it may seems but I know you are thinking of that someone as of this moment)

Then one day you woke up everything just vanished. Everything becomes nothing. Plans remained plans and will never be put into reality. Happiness becomes sadness as you watch yourself breaking into pieces.It was like a nightmare! You want to wake up but nobody is there to wake you up. So you need to do your best to wake up! Only to find out that it was not a nightmare but rather a reality. A reality that you don’t want to believe in. A reality that he/she was gone and you were left there hanging and you can’t accept it.

Then suddenly you will ask, why? What is wrong with you? You’ve been good. You did everything for him/her. Aren’t you enough? Why you were left behind? Insecurities is eating you up and self confidence starts crushing. There are no comforting words. All you want to do is to cry and shut yourself to the whole world.

But remember God will never give you the wrong person. Because there will always be someone that God prepared just for you. You may not meet him/her today but in God’s perfect time, every thing that is happening now will make sense and you will realize that it’s all worth it. If someone has got away, then there will always be the one that God will allow. God has allowed this person to put your every broken pieces back together. God has allowed this someone to completely heal you to allow yourself to be happy again, to love again. And God has allowed this someone to stay because this time you are with the right person.

Find that courage and determination to stand up and wave your hands as you say goodbye without a heavy heart to the one that got away.

To My TOTGA – The One That Got Away,
Maybe it was not easy for you as well but you are lucky. You are lucky not to experience this nightmare, this pain, this insecurity, and this fear to face the world again, to start again and to love again. I forgive you. I forgive you not because you’ve asked for it or not because you acknowledge the misery you’ve caused me but because my heart deserves peace. I deserve to move on and to move forward. I deserve to be happy. Maybe, just maybe, in another life, there was still a part of me saying, I will make you stay and we will be happy but I know now that this lifetime is my reality and someday, somehow, I will have my TOTGA and this time it will be my “The One That God Allowed”.

Author’s Note: I do not own the title “The One That God Allowed”, credits to the person who owns this. On my part I just heard it from a sister in Christ and was inspired to write something about it.

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