Remember, You Are God’s Warrior Full Of Hope!

Hope, a simple word but when gone, everything in life collapses.
Have you ever felt hopeless?
When everything is falling apart.
When everything is fading away.
When you feel empty.
When everyone vanishes and there is no one there but you.
When you are in the verge of giving up in this life time.
Problems upon problems.
Sorrows after sorrow.
Failures and then another failure.
An infinite cycle that makes you tired.
Indeed this feeling was never easy!
Then you will ask yourself, will this ever end?

But maybe you are wrong all along.
Because all through out you are just relying to yourself.
You forgot that when all else fails and everything falls out of your control there is still someone out there for you.
Someone who never forsaken you.
Someone who was there from the beginning and will always be with you until everything will be okay.
My dear, God is that someone you forgot but never forgotten you all through out your journey in this life.
He is the one who brings light to your hopelessness.
That unworthy as you are, He is and will always be there to embrace you.
You just have to learn the beauty of surrendering everything to Him.
Believe when God said He is with you, always and forever.

No one ever promised that life will be easy, however you are the chauffeur of your own life.
The decision for every direction is up to you.
Will you be at the wrong side or will you choose the right path?
The road to the right path may not always be a trouble-free road.
Along with it is a rocky road indeed, but with God’s grace there will always be hope.
A hope that you will get by.
A hope that this too shall pass.
A hope that better days are coming.
A hope that you are never alone.

So my dear,
When everything is falling apart, hope more.
When everything is fading away, hope more.
When you feel empty, hope more.
When everyone vanishes and there is no one there but you, hope more.
When you are in the verge of giving up in this life time, hope more.
Remember, you are God’s warrior full of hope!

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