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When I was young, I wanted to grow as fast as I could so that I can work – earn money and help my parents. And now, for almost 14 years I’ve been working, there are times that I wish I could go back… I wish I could go back to that young girl…

That young girl that full of hope, joy and love. That sweet little girl that does not worry of anything but only loves to play, eat and sleep. Most of the time I envy that little girl. Well, don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to the life that I have now, it is just sometimes it is nice to go back when things are not yet complicated.

Just recently, I was walking by and I saw a little boy that full of joy while he is in his father’s arms. Then as I continue walking, I saw the excitement in the eyes of a little girl while her mother is handing her a cotton candy. I also saw a young boy who trip over, got wounded, cried a little and when his brother helped him to get up, I saw that happiness and courage in his face.

It was in that same moment when realization hit me. Life maybe difficult now, unending problems, to much thinking, worrying of everything, making important decisions, struggling with finances and a whole lot more that you can’t ever imagine, but it is actually how you see life that matters. You can always count on your parents, families, friends and loved ones whenever you feel exhausted. You can always be happy on simple things. And whenever you stumble and fall, you can always get up and have that courage in your heart.

Whenever you feel tired, you can always step back and go back to where you started so that you will be reminded again of those reasons why you are doing everything and keep fighting despite of the hardships that life is throwing you. Sometimes we tend to worry a lot and we are so focus on moving forward and beating the deadline on the timeline we set for our-lives. But most of the time, we need to stop and step back to see a clearer vision of our purpose in life. And remember, no matter what your age is, you can always be like a stress free child ready to face the world whatever life may throw at you.

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