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Today, I decided to welcome every day with the best version of me. The past few years taught me on how to be stronger and here I am standing still and ready to face each day. I’ve learned to trust God’s plans because I know He has better plans for me. It will always be His will and not mine, I just need to wait patiently, and I know everything will be okay in God’s own perfect timing. 

As I face life today and the succeeding days, I’ve just realized how my pains and failures back then melted me and molded me to be the best version of myself. Now I know that it was part of God’s plans, to prepare me and to be better and stronger each day. A preparation that is full of life lessons and life encouragements that will always be forever in my heart. These life lessons and life encouragements will be my shield and sword to face each coming day.

I am excited on what each day have in store for me! Because I know the best is yet to come! Happiness, good health, good career, good life, love, faith and more blessings maybe. Pains, failures, sorrows, struggles and life difficulties? I am ready for these! My heart is full of encouragement and positivity because I know now that God will never let me down and will never abandon me so bring it on! 

One thing is for sure, whatever life may throw to me today, I will never give up… I will never let go of my hopes and my faith in God will never be shaken. Because I know, as long as God is with me, everything is possible. I am ready to rock my every day with the stronger version of me!

Note: A revised version of my Hello 2020.

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