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Have you ever lost someone dearly? That feeling of tremendous pain that you can’t even bear. And suddenly you wish that you are just inside a nightmare, that once you’ve woken up everything will just be the same. You can talk to him, you can still hear his voice, you can see that smile on his face that brightens everyone’s day and you can still feel his love, care and concern whenever he scolded you.

And then, reality hits you back! Times up! You can’t do those things anymore, you can’t create memories now and you just realized that you should have made a lot of time before. And cherished every moment because it might be the last. Let me tell you a story about this man that I truly cherish and will forever be.

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He was a great man, He was everybody’s favorite, He carried the surname “MERCADO” with pride and honor. I am talking about our dear grandfather, Lolo Pitz. Being the head of the family and raising 19 children (with only 1 mother) is not easy but my Lolo was able to raise them well even though life is so tough during that time. My mother used to tell me stories about their teenage life and how my Lolo Pitz was so strict to them during those times. However, whenever I looked at my Lolo, I can’t imagine that side of him because everytime he talked to us- his grandchildren, that smile on his face never failed to amaze us.

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I grew up very close to him, even thinking that I’am one of his favorites, Lol! I had a lot of escapades with him – eating is our favorite pastime Lol! Oh! He loves eating! Pinching me is his way of saying he missed me after a week from work. Often times, he encourages everyone to do what is good whether it be to our neighbors or to our barangay. According to my mother, he became our Barangay Captain once. He loves serving others with integrity. Maybe that’s why he was loved by everyone. But above all these? I always look up to him because he became the foundation of our faith in God. He was our rock. He drew us closer to God. He made it easy for us to serve in our church, to serve the Lord. Late in the afternoon, after his siesta, I always see him under the Tamarind Tree in our backyard reading the bible, so calm and so relax. And whenever he feels my presence, he will smile and say, “My dear, do we have something to eat there?”

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Those scenes will forever be in my memories like they’ve just happened yesterday. Like I was just that 10 year old little girl creating beautiful moments with this great man – with my Lolo Pitz. How I wish I could turn back time. If only I could steal one final glimpse of his wonderful smile… If only I could have a line in heaven so that I will be able to hear his voice and his laugh once more… If only…

I’ve carried the pain of losing my grandfather for almost 5 years. It was February 06, 2013 when he joined our Creator in heaven. And it was 2018 with the help of Singles For Christ Community in Dubai, when I was able to say that I am totally healed and I’ve accepted the fact that he is now in a better place. I still get emotional whenever I look back just like now while I am writing this, but if there is any consolation, is the fact that I am no longer in pain whenever I look back, because deep in my heart I know he is more than happy now, in the arms of our Father together with His angels.


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