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Endless love! So many times I’ve asked if these words really exist? I believe that all our lives here on earth are just temporary. Eventually we will all die and leave when the time comes. So why endless? Well, I believe in love, but “endless”?

How can you possibly love endlessly when time is ticking? How can you love endlessly when you know death will be a hindrance? How can you love endlessly when it is already times up?

All of these questions for the word “endless”. But as I look and dig deeper… I’ve realized that there is something more about the meaning of these words “Endless Love”

There is this one brave woman that I will always adore and will always be proud of her love for my grandfather. Her love is my definition of endless love. Yes! The old woman in the photo is my grandmother. She never stopped loving my Lolo Pitz. Even death cannot take that away from her. Almost everyday she is asking us to take her on the grave of my grandfather and it is maybe 15 or 20 minutes ride from home.

After uttering a prayer for Lolo Pitz, Lola Vi always talks to my grandfather as if he is just there. She will share all the things that are currently happening, it is as if she is updating Lolo Pitz. You can always see the glow in her eyes while she is in front of Lolo Pitz’ grave. You will see her happiness, it is as if my grandfather is alive.

Then realization hit me…

When you love endlessly, you let your mind, you let your soul and you let your heart continuously love, even when it hurts, even through sorrow and even in pain. You will love even the time is ticking. Death will never be a hindrance. And there is no such thing as time is up. Because you are loving freely… endlessly…

Just like my Lola Vi, her love for my Lolo Pitz is my perfect definition of endless love.


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