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“Eka makisabi kareng emu kakilala…” this caution from my mother was like a tatoo on my mind. This simply means “Don’t talk to strangers.” Yeah, I know the rule, I did not even dare… well? okay! okay! okay! maybe I did not even dare many years ago? Ahem! I don’t know when did I stop obeying this particular rule of my mother.

Once, a man told me “you know, it is okay not to talk to strangers, for you to be safe… but don’t you think sometimes you lose the chance of meeting or getting to know other people as well? What I’m saying not all strangers will do you harmful things, be fair and give chance!”

Oh! yeah! that is just like a bullet… a reality that hit me! So my question is, when do you consider a person a stranger? When you don’t know his name or his whereabouts? But there was this one time that I really don’t know this man but something inside me, telling me that he is a good man, that I can trust him and I should give him a chance….And I did…. And I completely fell in love with a stranger…

It was December 2012 when I accepted a friend request from Mister Stranger on facebook. Well we have mutual friends so, no worries! But first look on his profile? Oh! you gotta be kidding me! He just look like those poser accounts. Me? Oh! Not that interested! Not even a single picture of him!

January 2013 when he started sending me private messages “Hi malago” simply means “Hi beautiful” Oh! Great his account indicates that he is from a different country and he just sent me a kapampangan message? Okay! let me play angel this time and typed “hello” then conversation started.

So, yes he is outside Philippines but he is a Filipino. He started liking my status updates and pictures almost everyday. Great! he is just one of my likers now!And he is always sending me messages. But I don’t know him! So there was this time that I decided not to reply, beside I’m inlove with someone else during those times. No! I’m not into a relationship! Okay! Going back to Mister Stranger…I realized that he will never give up! Why? Well, let’s just say that he was able to bring out the soft part of me. He explained that he just wanted  someone he can talk to. But he does not want us to be friends because he likes me!

Okay! Cool! So I’m the apple of his eyes? I don’t know if I will believe him because he is a complete stranger. But something inside me saying I should give it a try… So I did… He became my friend… well that was at least for me, but he said we are not friends… so okay we are not! So what do you think we are? Chat-mates? Great!

Then he just really got my attention when he gave me chocolates… well not because of the chocolates but the fact that he took an effort just to deliver those chocolates here in the Philippines. Not only that! He surprised me on my birthday! Flowers and cake!
So, tell me, why a stranger will do all these?

Now, I’m confused! I haven’t meet the guy! But I know…. he is some kinda special… I know it’s crazy but I just can’t help it! But, I’m in-love with my best friend right? And  where in seven kingdoms, I feel this way to a complete stranger???But Mister Stranger will not just give up like that, does he? No he did not! He came here! Yes! In front of me! Telling me that he is not a poser! He is not just some guy and Oh! He is real!!! And good looking? Well, I know I have a poor vision but at least for my eyes he is good looking!

December 2013 was the best December ever! Oh! No! Not because of my 37 years old auntie got married… Well don’t get me wrong the wedding was superb! But December 2013 was the best December ever because of him! I got to know Mister Stranger!

I don’t know what magic or spell he did to me but gosh! Every day, hour, minute and second I spent with him was the happiest ever! I felt alive and…. and…. I don’t know… Is it possible? To fall in love with this stranger?

January 2014 when I admitted not only to myself but also to him…. that I Love him… I don’t know how, when, where and what happen but I just did!

And now? Well…. after 6 months? I’m still truly, madly and deeply in love with him. Distance is nothing for two hearts that really love each other. I know we are still in our journey. We don’t know yet our future but one thing is for sure….. He was Mister Stranger….. but now? He is my Mister Right!!! 🙂

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