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This is a sequel of my old blog (I Love My Crazy BestFriend).

“Now I decided to stay away, till the pain goes away. Until the old us will be back. I know it’s not easy to do it. But for now that is the only way that I can think of which will be better for both of us. And maybe its crazy but I’m still hoping that someday, when the right time comes, we will find ourselves together with a happy ever after…..  “- this is my last paragraph on my old blog and that was 2 months ago. Did I moved on? My answer is NO, 2 months is not enough for me to forget my crazy best friend. But within these 2 months there were lots of things happened…

So, I told him to stop communicating with me and stop seeing me. It is as if we never met and I’ve never existed. At first he did not believe me, he even asked me: Are you serious or that was just a practice? But when I started not to reply on his messages, that was the time he found out that I’m serious about it. Again only one thing was clear right that moment, PAIN. It’s so hard to do these things to him when what I really want is to stay with him forever. Despite of this, he kept on sending me some messages, as if telling me how he missed me and how hard it was without me.

The last thing I want to do is to hurt him and from what I did, I hurt him again. I hate those things that could hurt him and I hated myself for that. I decided to send him a message and I don’t know what happened on that night, I want to cry because I missed him so much, my crazy best friend that I’ve learned to love more than a best friend. That night, I promised to stay on his side and I will never do what I did. I promised that I will never leave him again. And that night he told me that he will hold on to my promise and I will always stay in his mind and in his heart. That message from him made me cry. And yes, no matter what happened he will always be my crazy best friend.

Then after that magical night, we became more sweet with each other. We are seeing each other more often. His messages were sweet. I know something was wrong. And maybe I’m bad, I want to think that he has a girlfriend but whenever he is sweet I always forget everything. And yes in our situation today we don’t know what is the difference between a best friend and a girlfriend.

Then one day he told me that, he loves me and he can’t give me up. He told me that he will fix everything so that he will be officially mine. Right that moment I understand him. He needs some time and courage to tell his girlfriend. I maybe selfish but I won’t give up on us. The moment I will give up is when my crazy best friend gave up on me. But for now I will hold on to his promise that he will fix everything and in the end he will be with me and we will have a happy ever after.

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