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Good Day everyone! My name is Naiah Donna Mercado Laxa. I’am from Philippines. I was name after Ninoy Aquino International Airport because my birthday falls every 21st of august, and that was the death anniversary of the late Ninoy Aquino. It was my grand father who named me after the airport.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been with call center industry. And just recently I decided to change my career path. With the help of Cecilio Bong Ramos, Kevin Leversee and Antoine  Houdaille, I joined Igo2group Philippines.

What is Igo2group?

We are a Social Business Company supporting Critical Social Media Business Strategies. We are business people. We have run sales teams, presales teams, lines of business, divisions, product management etc. We are not a marketing agency or PR company.

WHAT WE DO – iGo2 provides strategic insights to business and governments into the use of Social Media by their customers/citizens, partners, and competitors. Allowing our clients to execute planned Social Business Tactics based on ROI. iGo2 also provides Social Business Intelligence to monitor and measure the inputs and the outcomes to Social Strategy.

HOW WE DO IT – We Integrate SMART and Responsible Social Business practices, processes and technologies into the enterprise/government. We also train and recruit specialist skills.

WHO WE DO IT FOR – We deliver outcomes to governments and businesses that have identified Social Media as a key contributor to customer/citizen, partner and employee engagement and thereby enabling profitable growth or citizen outcomes.

WHY IT MATTERS – Today, nearly everyone is engaged in Social Media as it appeals to our 10 most basic desires. For your organisation this is not about engagement, but being engaging!

Our leadership team have held senior corporate positions similar to yours.  And we understand that the substantial and measurable benefits of weaving Social elements to the organisations’ environment,  also come with a requirement for learning and change – both for the client, and across the organisation.

That’s why we offer a transparent and supportive environment that helps you to retain control and visibility of initiatives while change is occurring.

Our proprietary frameworks help us create a road map for your initiative, while our extensive project management capability ensures we deliver projects in a methodical, effective manner.

What’s more, we partner with industry-leading technology and intelligence organisations to consistently fulfill the benefits that becoming a social enterprise offers. (Igo2group)

Currently I’ve got the position of Social Business Intelligence Analyst. Social Business Intelligence helps you to listen, interpret and respond to the needs of customers who openly express their wishes online. Using social BI you can incorporate social data into strategic decisions to great advantage.The social web is full of amazing data that with the right tools and analysis can be turned in incredible insights and intelligence on your markets, your customers and your competitors. (Igo2group)

All these things are new to me. I’m still on the process of learning. With my dedication and with the help of my colleagues and bosses, I know I can make it. Igo2 simply offers me everything, a good career path and really a financial rewarding job.

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